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B.Tech (Mathematics & Computing)

As a dynamic initiative from our director, Professor U. B. Desai, a new Bachelor’s degree program in Mathematics was introduced at IIT-Hyderabad from the academic year 2017-18. The Department of Mathematics now offers a B.Tech program in Mathematics and Computing.
  The objective of this programme is to equip the students with the mathematical foundations required to excel in various applied and computational streams where Math plays a major role.
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Wondering what is B.Tech (M&C) or why do B.Tech (M&C) at IIT Hyderabad? Click on the icon above or the link below to know all the details about the programme at a glance.

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The entire course curriculum for the programme along with the list of electives can be found under the following link.

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Still have some posers unanswered? Or, some lingering doubts? Check out our FAQ page - who knows, you may only be replicating the neuronal state some one else was in not long ago !

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