S I G M A - L I A R

Special Interest Group on Mathematical Aspects of Learning, Inference and Approximate Reasoning (SIGMA-LIAR)

The SIGMA-LIAR is an inter-disciplinary group consisting of faculty and students from the departments of Mathematics, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

The point of convergence for the members of the group can be found in their spirit in seeking, studying and determining the mathematical aspects that lie behind the many algorithms used in data analysis. Our interests range from compressive sensing to sparse representation to statistical inference to conformal predictions to deep learning to approximate reasoning.

In fact, it has been inferred that it is this very assorted identity and non-homogeneous representation that is approximately the reason for the learning that takes place among the group members, though one might contend that there is not enough statistical evidence to substantiate such a claim!

If you are thrilled by the confluence of theory and applications, excited to know how seemingly unrelated concepts find coherence and enthralled to see how diverse fields are pivoted, we welcome you to browse through these pages, Willkommen by Uns - the LIARs !!