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U.B Desai

The B.Tech. in Math. and Computing at IITH gives a unique opportunity to JEE entrants who want to pursue a career in mathematics. It also injects a strong mathematics component in the technological ecosystem of IITH.

- Prof. U.B. DesaiFounder Director, IIT Hyderabad

B.Tech (Mathematics and Computing)

The B.Tech Mathematics and Computing (M&C) program started in the academic year 2017-2018. The M&C curriculum is designed in a unique way to nurture future industry professionals and scientists. The blend of carefully selected theoretical, applicable, and computing courses will enable students to choose the career they wish to pursue.

Upon successfully completing the M&C program, students will be able to pursue the dream of becoming industry professionals. This program also provides an opportunity for higher education in mathematics, computer science, artificial intelligence, etc., in world-class universities.

JEE Advanced Opening & Closing Ranks

Year Opening Ranks Closing Ranks
2021 642 1075
2020 601 925
2019 661 694
2018 854 1089
2017 1458 1703


Wondering what is B.Tech (M&C) or why do B.Tech (M&C) at IIT Hyderabad? Click on the icon above or the link below to know all the details about the programme at a glance.


The entire course curriculum for the programme along with the list of electives can be found under the following link.

Ciriculum Faculty Advisor
B.TECH 2022 Dr. Narasimha Kumar
B.TECH 2021 Dr. Venku Naidu
B.TECH 2020 Dr. Neeraj Kumar
B.TECH 2019 Dr. Sukumar D
B.TECH 2018 Dr. Subrahmanya Sastry Challa
B.TECH 2017 Dr. Pradipto Banerjee
M.Sc 2022 Dr. Sameen Naqvi
M.Sc 2021 Dr. Amit Tripathi
M.Sc 2020 Prof. J. Balasubramaniam
M.Sc 2019 Dr. Anantha Lakshmi Narayana P

Frequently Asked Questions

Is B.Tech (M&C) the same as B.Tech (CSE) at IITH?

Well, the answer is a clear NO. While computing does require knowledge of the fundamental courses of CSE, the focus of the M&C program is on doing the mathematics and essential programming and computational courses.

Is B.Tech (M&C) the mix of B.Tech (CSE+ AI + EE) at IITH?

The answer is a clear NO. The mathematics courses constitute the major component of this curriculum. Besides mathematics, M&C students do standard introductory engineering, programming, and AI courses. Students are encouraged to use free electives to register for courses of their interests. Moreover, a student maintaining a good CGPA will be allowed to take additional courses.

Is B.Tech (M&C) at IITH similar to what is offered at other IITs?

Both Yes and No. 'Yes' in the sense that the program has equal rigour both in content and quality. 'No' in the sense that it offers more flexibility and variety to choose courses related to one's stream of interest. For more details, please see the brochure for the programme.

What are the higher education opportunities after B.Tech (M&C)?

This program provides an excellent opportunity for learning theoretical and computational mathematics for pursuing higher education in mathematics, computer science, artificial intelligence, etc. in world-class universities.

Are options like "branch change", "double major / minors in an allied engineering stream" still available?

Branch change, No. Double major or Minor, Yes

What were the opening and closing ranks (GEN) in this programme last year?

Please see this link.

Will there be good placements for the students of this stream?

Please see this link.

Mathematics and Computing

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